Meaning of additive manufacturing in English:

additive manufacturing


mass noun
  • another term for 3D printing

    ‘we can print plastic toys, metal parts, and even cell tissues using additive manufacturing’
    • ‘Astronauts aboard the ISS will soon be experimenting with additive manufacturing in microgravity, with the installation of the very first 3D printer in space.’
    • ‘The fourth dimension is time, shape shifting in fact, and scientists are already working on the next revolution in additive manufacturing.’
    • ‘The shoe will then be produced using additive manufacturing, complete with traction elements and shoelace features.’
    • ‘The company also uses additive manufacturing with metal to produce prototype parts for form, fit and function tests.’
    • ‘Additive manufacturing could enable parts to be manufactured quickly and cheaply in space, instead of waiting for the next cargo resupply vehicle delivery.’