Meaning of addorsed in English:


Pronunciation /əˈdɔːst/


  • Placed back to back.

    ‘the family stamp of two addorsed salmon’
    • ‘Two rampant gazelles, whose addorsed bodies cross at the hindquarters, complete the tableau.’
    • ‘Silk C depicts addorsed and regardant falcons with beading separating bodies from tails.’
    • ‘All the others take the form of anthropomorphs either attached to a central aniconic shaft or addorsed by a tree.’
    • ‘Azure, two wolf's heads erased addorsed and conjoined at the neck issuant from the battlements of a demi-tower argent.’
    • ‘One thing to note is that positions such as combatant and addorsed may fit our modern notions of symmetry by being mirror images.’


Late 16th century from Latin ad ‘to’ + dorsum ‘back’ + -ed.