Meaning of adenoma in English:


Pronunciation /ˌadɪˈnəʊmə/

nounplural noun adenomas, plural noun adenomata/ˌadɪˈnəʊmətə/

  • A benign tumour formed from glandular structures in epithelial tissue.

    ‘It is currently believed that most colorectal carcinomas start as benign adenomas that undergo malignant transformation into adenocarcinoma.’
    • ‘These authors do not clearly state whether these 14 cases represent true malignant mixed tumors or carcinoma ex-pleomorphic adenomas.’
    • ‘Hepatic adenomas are benign tumors composed entirely of hepatocytes and the appropriate supporting connective tissue framework.’
    • ‘The number of patients with neoplastic lesions, adenomas, adenomas 1 cm or more in diameter and adenocarcinoma was similar in both groups.’
    • ‘Important clinical and biological differences exist between the adenoma carcinoma sequence and ulcerative colitis associated neoplasia.’


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from Greek adēn ‘gland’.