Meaning of adenomatous in English:




See adenoma

‘Screening for and removal of colorectal cancer and precancerous adenomatous polyps can decrease the incidence of colon disease.’
  • ‘Colonoscopy is an invasive procedure than examines the entire colon and can be used to obtain biopsy specimens of adenomas and carcinomas and to excise adenomatous polyps.’
  • ‘The ability to detect precancerous adenomatous polyps, remove them, and thus prevent the development of colorectal cancer is an important rationale for screening.’
  • ‘Familial adenomatous polyposis accounts for about 1% of cases of colorectal cancer, with the defect gene identified on chromosome 5.’
  • ‘The fecal occult blood test is not useful in detecting a precancerous stage because large adenomatous polyps rarely cause bleeding and remain undetected.’