Meaning of adiabatic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌeɪdʌɪəˈbatɪk/ /ˌadɪəˈbatɪk/


  • 1Relating to or denoting a process or condition in which heat does not enter or leave the system concerned.

    ‘the adiabatic expansion of a perfect gas’
    • ‘This is what makes the air cooler higher up: the process is called adiabatic expansion/compression.’
    • ‘The quantum and classical Carnot engines therefore operate in the same way - a closed cycle of two isothermal and two adiabatic processes.’
    • ‘Working closely with environmental engineers, Arup New York, it settled on a passive climate controlled system known as adiabatic cooling, which takes advantage of the hot arid climate.’
    • ‘Entropy, according to the 2nd law, can indeed remain constant but only either in reversible adiabatic processes or in reversible cycles.’
    • ‘My genetic code has been perfected by an intricate adiabatic process over ten decades, and I am practically immortal.’
    1. 1.1Impassable to heat.


  • A curve or formula representing adiabatic phenomena.

    • ‘On the thermal plane, the adiabatics appear as straight lines corresponding to different entropies.’


Late 19th century from Greek adiabatos ‘impassable’, from a- ‘not’ + dia ‘through’ + batos ‘passable’ (from bainein ‘go’), + -ic.