Meaning of Adirondack chair in English:

Adirondack chair

Pronunciation /ˌadɪˈrɒndak ˌtʃɛː/


North American
  • An armchair for outdoor use constructed from wide wooden slats and typically having a seat that slants downwards towards the sloping back.

    ‘Paint a couple of wooden Adirondack chairs a pretty color, like French blue, bring them indoors, then add cushions covered with striped or floral fabric.’
    • ‘The furthest I've ever stuck my neck out has been to advocate the use of Adirondack chairs, front porches and outdoor showers.’
    • ‘Today, Saturday, his triumph had been walking the 20 yards to the Adirondack chairs in the backyard.’
    • ‘A camp that tends to cater toward high-achieving children included a unique photo in its brochure - a boy reading Homer's Odyssey in the comfort of an Adirondack chair.’
    • ‘Last week, I spent two afternoons reading in an Adirondack chair under an old maple on the edge of a lawn, gazing up every now and then at the rolling farmland of the Hudson River Valley.’
    • ‘ReadyMade's first three issues dished out instructions for all sorts of kitschy crafts and odd projects: homemade wallets, Adirondack chairs, even taxidermy.’
    • ‘Nikki grabbed the old worn Adidas jacket she had had for five years, and went out onto the patio, choosing one of the Adirondack chairs and sat down, her eyes closed.’
    • ‘The town of Treasure Beach extends into the hotel, and town characters frequently do, gravitating around the bar, which also looks towards the sunset from Adirondack chairs.’
    • ‘In a garden where green predominates, the boldest dash of color comes from blue-painted Adirondack chairs and a matching blue bench.’
    • ‘Nothing is better suited to this place than sitting in the fan backed Adirondack chairs and gazing into the angled, golden light of the late afternoon and sunset.’
    • ‘No room for Adirondack chairs or playing children, let alone that great, romantic porch swing.’
    • ‘There's even room for two Adirondack chairs on the small deck at the front door.’
    • ‘Sink into an Adirondack chair on your private deck overlooking the snow-capped peaks of Oregon's Cascades or cuddle up beside the flickering gas-fired stone hearth.’
    • ‘If there isn't a wedding going on, you can pay admission to tour the house and grounds, but I pay my $4.50 just to sit in an Adirondack chair and read the newspaper and look at the river.’
    • ‘In February, bundle up and ease into an Adirondack chair among daffodils in the redesigned garden.’
    • ‘Have a glass of Washington wine by the massive river-rock fireplace, or stake out an Adirondack chair by the inn's lake while you wait for your table.’
    • ‘Donna comes outside and sits next to me in the Adirondack chair I built for her the year I retired.’
    • ‘On nice days, you can enjoy food and drink while kicking back in an Adirondack chair on the lawn.’
    • ‘Along the riverwalk, visitors can relax in Adirondack chairs, on bar stools, beneath umbrellas, enjoying wine or a beer or a cocktail.’
    • ‘You can slow-sip a cocktail in a white Adirondack chair where the local land pushes furthest into the Atlantic.’
    • ‘The downstairs patio is set out with picnic benches, metal yard furniture and Adirondack chairs augmented by large television screens and fans.’
    • ‘These new sites will have amenities not currently offered at the park's standard recreational-vehicle sites, including a fire pit, built-in grill, dining table, Adirondack chairs and glider swing with views of Lake Erie.’
    • ‘The quiet enveloped us as we sat on an oversize Adirondack chair overlooking the lake.’
    • ‘Adirondack chairs and a wooden picnic table in the backyard look out on Lake Waushakum, shaded by towering pine trees.’
    • ‘Spearman now is learning to work with tools, building Adirondack chairs and is considering going to community college to learn how to be a professional carpenter.’
    • ‘This room has a cloistered patio, and best of all, a few feet away, fronting a large expanse of law , was our individual fire pit with beckoning, padded Adirondack chairs.’
    • ‘Stuchul said her barn-shaped library—with two Adirondack chairs for anyone who wants to sit and read—was a way to encourage community connectedness while attracting people to the garden nearby and paying homage to her love of nature.’
    • ‘Out front of her house in Rosedale, Hobbs, the orange cat, sits in the sun; two blue wooden Adirondack chairs sit empty by the front door, which is painted purple.’


Early 20th century from the name of the Adirondack Mountains, where Adirondack chairs were first made (in the town of Westport, New York).