Meaning of Adivasi in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɑːdɪˈvɑːsi/ /ˈɑːdɪˌvɑːsi/


  • 1A member of any of the aboriginal tribal peoples living in India before the arrival of the Aryans in the second millennium BC.

    1. 1.1A descendant of any of the Adivasi peoples.
      • ‘Tirkey, under whose captaincy India won the inaugural Afro - Asian Games recently, will be the first Adivasi to be decorated with a Padma Shree.’
      • ‘Tirkey is only the second Adivasi player to lead the Indian hockey team, after Jaipal Singh led India in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.’
      • ‘The fact that over five million Adivasi and Dalit women in India eke out their very livelihoods by selling firewood and forest products in the market demonstrates the seriousness of the situation.’
      • ‘In other words, there are stark differences between the cultures of Adivasis and Dalits.’
      • ‘‘At the camp, we have Christians, Muslims, Adivasis and others belonging to various sections of the society,’ says Mr. Natesan.’


From modern Sanskrit ādivāsī, from Sanskrit ādi ‘earliest’ + vāsi ‘inhabitant’.



/ˌɑːdɪˈvɑːsi/ /ˈɑːdɪˌvɑːsi/