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Pronunciation /əˈdʒəːn/

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[with object]
  • 1Break off (a meeting, legal case, or game) with the intention of resuming it later.

    ‘the meeting was adjourned until December 4’
    • ‘let's adjourn and reconvene at 2 o'clock’
    • ‘He said he would refer the issue to the Attorney General for legal advice and adjourn the case until January 31, 2002.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned for a short break when the court heard that both defendants were feeling unwell.’
    • ‘The defence asked for time to obtain expert opinion from a US legal expert and the case was adjourned until Tuesday 18 October.’
    • ‘So, after two days of legal argument, the case was adjourned until Monday 10th May.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned until yesterday after the jury was dismissed for legal reasons part-way through.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned until December 7 for reports.’
    • ‘Magistrates adjourned the case until March 12 th for pre-sentence reports, and warned the teenager that he could face prison.’
    • ‘Her case is adjourned until July 5 and she is free on bail.’
    • ‘Magistrates have adjourned the case until 22nd February.’
    • ‘Magistrates adjourned the case until next month for the probation service to prepare social reports and said they were considering a community penalty.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned until March 15 for pre-sentence reports.’
    • ‘The bench called for pre-sentence reports and adjourned the case until September 16, granting conditional bail.’
    • ‘His case was adjourned for psychiatric reports until March 24th.’
    • ‘The pair did not enter a plea and the case was adjourned until Monday November 29 when it is due to be heard before Tanzania's High Court.’
    • ‘The magistrates adjourned the case until September 10 for reports.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned until June 18 for reports to be prepared.’
    • ‘His case was adjourned until today for a probation report.’
    • ‘He did not enter a plea and his case was adjourned until July 3.’
    • ‘She appeared at Richmond Court in custody and was refused bail after her case was adjourned until April 24th for reports.’
    • ‘The father-of-two appeared in court last month, but the case was adjourned until yesterday for reports.’
    end, bring to an end, come to an end, conclude, finish, terminate, wind up, break off, halt, call a halt to, discontinue, dissolve
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    1. 1.1no object, with adverbial (of a group of people) go somewhere for rest or refreshment.
      ‘they adjourned to a local pub’
      • ‘Following Mass the group adjourned to Gavin's Golden Hill House where a delicious luncheon awaited everyone.’
      • ‘After inspection the group adjourned to Corpus Christy Communal Centre where tea was served and the signing took place.’
      • ‘After a walk round the extensive gardens and lake, the group adjourned to Lullingstone for lunch.’
      • ‘Later, the teams and guests adjourned to the specially erected marquee for a meal, refreshments and an enjoyable social evening.’
      • ‘At the end of the concert, they adjourned to the bar.’
      • ‘After the two minutes silence we adjourned to Wetherspoon's for a coffee before the parade left for the parish church.’
      • ‘Afterwards all adjourned to the club house for a meal.’
      • ‘To finish the night off many adjourned to the Dungeon Bar in the basement of the castle for more musical entertainment until the early hours of the morning.’
      • ‘After Mass all adjourned to Frank's Place where a Four Course Meal was served by Killasser Community Care Group members.’
      • ‘Villagers flocked to St Andrew's Church to hear Mr Bambury deliver a sermon from the pulpit, then adjourned to the pub opposite to see Rev Knight run the bar.’
      • ‘After the play, my friends and I adjourned to Newton for dinner, after which I had to leave early to meet up with new friends.’
      • ‘Later, many adjourned to the Western Hotel for a night of music and song.’
      • ‘After that, we adjourned to the drawing room where Carlo served us a pot of my finest Assam and some cucumber sandwiches.’
      • ‘An inquest has also been opened into Mr Lewis's death and adjourned to a later date.’
      • ‘An inquest was opened and adjourned to a date to be fixed at Barrow Town Hall on Monday.’
      • ‘My mom and I completed the tour of the backyard, and happily adjourned to the front yard.’
      • ‘At around 2: 15 we all adjourned to the dining room for Christmas dinner.’
      • ‘After dinner, the boys adjourned to the living room for a movie.’
      • ‘Everybody then adjourned to the 19th hole to talk over the competition, and all agreed it was a fine idea and it would improve their short game.’
      • ‘Following a quick stop in the local café to greet many parishioners, I adjourned to the quiet of my pastoral study.’
      withdraw, retire, retreat, beat a retreat, take oneself, decamp, depart, go out, go off, go away, exit
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    2. 1.2Put off or postpone (a resolution or sentence)
      ‘sentence was adjourned for a social inquiry report’
      • ‘Mr. Justice Carney said the only reason he adjourned the sentence and further hearing was because the youth faced a term of detention.’
      • ‘The man, of Bideford, Devon, had his bail extended by Judge John Neligan, who adjourned sentence for a pre-sentence report.’
      • ‘The judge warned the duo they must not assume the fact he had adjourned sentence for pre-sentence reports meant he was in any way indicating what penalty would follow.’
      • ‘Judge Charles Wade adjourned sentence to April 22 so the probation service can prepare pre-sentence reports on the teenager.’
      • ‘Sentence was adjourned for a psychiatric report.’
      • ‘The jury convicted them after nearly three and a half hours in retirement and sentence was adjourned for probation reports because one youth is 19.’
      • ‘Judge Gerald Gordon adjourned sentence for reports but warned he would ‘go to prison for some time’.’
      • ‘Sentence was adjourned for reports and he was bailed.’
      • ‘Mr Justice Penry-Davey adjourned sentence for reports to be prepared.’
      • ‘One defendant was jailed for seven years and the other's sentence was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.’
      • ‘Sentence was adjourned for reports after the jury's verdict and the man was granted bail.’
      • ‘His trial was held in January and sentence was adjourned to Doncaster Crown Court while a pre-sentence report was prepared.’
      • ‘Sentence was adjourned to June 7 for the executive to produce his companies' accounts.’
      • ‘A public inquiry which could have led to the adoption of the plan was adjourned in February so planners could decide on a firm inner boundary.’
      • ‘Judge Roger Scott heard that he was a man of previous good character and agreed to adjourn his sentence for the preparation of various reports.’
      • ‘However a judge had to adjourn passing sentence because the defendant must be returned to prison to finish an earlier sentence.’
      • ‘The judge offered to adjourn sentence to allow the defendant to be with his daughter during that time, but he opted for his case to be dealt with.’
      • ‘Judge Simpson agreed to adjourn sentence for four weeks to allow for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.’
      • ‘His counsel said he understood imprisonment was inevitable but asked for sentence to be adjourned so his client could put his affairs in order.’
      • ‘Judge John Nixon adjourned the hearing for sentencing this afternoon.’
      suspend, break off, discontinue, interrupt, postpone, put off, put back, defer, delay, hold over, hold in abeyance, shelve, pigeonhole, stay, prorogue, dissolve, terminate, bring to an end, halt, call a halt to
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Middle English (in the sense ‘summon someone to appear on a particular day’): from Old French ajorner, from the phrase a jorn (nome) ‘to an (appointed) day’.