Meaning of adland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈadland/


mass noun informal
  • The business world of advertising and advertisers.

    • ‘the company lost nearly all the people whose names meant anything in adland’
    • ‘It's the sort of place that exists in London's adland, in Soho, where you feel you're swimming against the tide unless you're kitted out from head to toe in Prada.’
    • ‘Peter Robinson asks if alternative rock has finally sold its soul to adland.’
    • ‘Reading the making of the story at adland, no one will be surprised to learn they came up with the ideas in 24 hours, and shot them in like a week.’
    • ‘What we see, though, are not the bright, seductive confections of adland, but the rough timber poles and frames that support these messages.’
    • ‘It showed some cosy family with a couple of small kids, all cloying sweetness and perfection, such as exists purely in adland.’
    • ‘With such a busy working life and an attitude that embraces stress as a necessary ingredient of life in adland, how important is relaxation?’