Meaning of administratrix in English:


Pronunciation /ədmɪnɪˈstreɪtrɪks/

nounplural noun administratrixes, plural noun administratrices/ədˌmɪnɪˈstrɪsiːz/

  • A female administrator of an estate.

    ‘The administratrix testified about gifts made or not made by John to his children before his death as follows.’
    • ‘He subsequently died and his mother continued his proceedings for medical negligence as administratrix of his estate.’
    • ‘The administratrices had not obtained a grant of administration by the time the action started.’
    • ‘The three sons of Mr Lionel Smith, whose administratrix is the respondent, were the beneficiaries.’
    • ‘We do, however, think that the particular case of the widow / administratrix illustrates a potential defect in the current law and that it should be remedied.’


Mid 16th century Latin, feminine of administrator(see administrator).