Meaning of Adoptionist in English:


Pronunciation /əˈdɒpʃənɪst/


mainly historical Christian Theology
  • A person holding the view that Christ is the son of God by adoption only.

    ‘What made Jesus special, the Adoptionists believed, was that Jesus was more righteous than everyone else.’
    • ‘The Gnostics were another losing faction and the exact opposite, Christologically, of the Adoptionists.’
    • ‘Lastly, Nestorianism once more showed itself in the Adoptionists of Spain, and gave occasion to the great Council of Frankfort.’
    • ‘In more recent times the Jesuit Vasquez, and the Lutheran divines G. Calixtus and Walch, have defended the Adoptionists as essentially orthodox.’
    • ‘While Adoptionists believed Jesus to be totally human and not divine, Marcionites believed him to be totally divine and not human.’