Meaning of adoptive parent in English:

adoptive parent


  • A person who adopts a child and brings it up as their own.

    ‘her adoptive parents died 10 years ago’
    • ‘Under the new law, a right similar to maternity leave is available to adoptive parents.’
    • ‘We have previously tried to contact the adoptive parents with no success.’
    • ‘In 1985, he moved with his adoptive parents to live in Gloucestershire.’
    • ‘Both her parents and her adoptive parents are dead.’
    • ‘Three years later, she and her partner were the proud adoptive parents to a son of their own.’
    • ‘He moved with his adoptive parents, three sisters and a brother to the US.’
    • ‘All three sons were given new names by their adoptive parents.’
    • ‘Foster carers do have to pass the same type of stringent controls that adoptive parents experience.’
    • ‘Find out if you could make a very positive contribution to a child's life by becoming an adoptive parent.’
    • ‘I'm an adoptive parent, and I know how hard it is for children who have been abandoned by their parents.’