Meaning of adpressed in English:


Pronunciation /ədˈprɛst/


  • Lying closely against the adjacent part, or against the ground.

    ‘the cap is covered with fine, white, adpressed scales’
    • ‘The cone specimens are mostly compressed or adpressed in preservation but their carbonized remains contain ribbed pollen.’
    • ‘The sharp angle between the blade and the basal facet suggests that, like the palmate sclerites of H. evangelista, they were adpressed to the body surface.’
    • ‘They also bear prominent ribs and are tightly adpressed to the body, but are larger than the palmate sclerites.’


Mid 18th century from Latin adpress- ‘pressed near’, from the verb adprimere, from ad ‘to, at’ + premere ‘to press’, + -ed.