Meaning of Adriatic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌeɪdrɪˈatɪk/

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  • Relating to the region comprising the Adriatic Sea and its coasts and islands.

    ‘the Adriatic coast’
    • ‘As their ruined villas attest, the Romans went to Brioni, an island in the Adriatic off the coast of Croatia.’
    • ‘The region along the Adriatic coast has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers.’
    • ‘One of the key supply routes in the region linking the Black Sea and the Adriatic coast runs through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.’
    • ‘Italy's Adriatic coast is justifiably famous, and Le Marche has almost 200 km of long sandy beaches and coves, with several resorts flying blue flags.’
    • ‘Now my wife and I are looking forward to going back to the Adriatic coast where we have a home and to taking things easy.’
    • ‘Bonnes considers himself more Italian - one of four languages he speaks - than French, as his mother hails from Pescara on the Adriatic coast.’
    • ‘It was here that the Via Flaminia was made to enter Rome, back in the 3rd century, connecting the city to the Adriatic coast.’
    • ‘For the past couple of years a poetry festival has been held in Riccione, a resort town on the Adriatic coast in Emilia Romagna.’
    • ‘Bustling Pescara on the Adriatic coast seems a world away from the mountain villages, but the character of the people retains the same openness and honesty.’
    • ‘The Allies grimly battled their way to the Gustav line, which stretched from Ortona on the Adriatic coast to Minturno on the Tyrrhenian Sea.’
    • ‘Boksic was sailing off the Adriatic coast near the Croatian port of Bakavoda during the close season when his cruiser collided with two other boats.’
    • ‘Mr Kondratowicz continued with the British army as they swept up the Adriatic coast until the final battle on Italian soil in Bologna.’
    • ‘On Thursday morning the pilgrims headed for Assisi, on the beautiful Adriatic coast of Italy.’
    • ‘Shots rang out, mixing with shouts of delight in the player's home town of Split on the Adriatic coast.’
    • ‘But now visitors are making their way back to this extraordinary city and are being rewarded with culture, heritage and all the charm of the Adriatic coast.’
    • ‘The Papal State, too, was subjected to Ottoman raids particularly on its Adriatic coast, and Genoese ships likewise feared the Ottoman pirates.’
    • ‘The Vicolo Santa Lucia offers a traditional type of cooking from the area - it is on the Adriatic coast near Rimini - with an oriental twist.’
    • ‘Our gondolier is Francesca, born on the Adriatic coast of Italy, raised in Southern California.’
    • ‘Then a quick spin to the Marches: the Adriatic coastal region from Disco Beaches of Rimini in the north to Abruzzo in the south, directly across from Rome.’
    • ‘This hails from the Adriatic coastal region south of the Veneto known as the Marches.’


the Adriatic
  • The Adriatic Sea or its coasts and islands.

    ‘A single commander was appointed to head the combined NATO / WEU task force in the Adriatic.’
    • ‘I used to fly out of bases on the Adriatic.’
    • ‘I last saw her duck diving into the crystalline blue waters of the Adriatic, I didn't see her surface.’
    • ‘The Bora, a cold wind from Siberia, is cutting across eastern Europe to the Adriatic.’
    • ‘The leaders of Serbia's smaller neighbour Montenegro, which provides Serbia's only access to the Adriatic, continue to insist on independence.’
    • ‘An aircraft carrier, the George Washington, is to be deployed to the Adriatic from the Persian Gulf by September 30.’
    • ‘The resulting friendship led to his fall 2002 admission to the United World College of the Adriatic.’
    • ‘The body of a young woman is found floating attached to a deflated dinghy in the Adriatic.’
    • ‘I was able to carry out my shift to the east side of the Adriatic on the following move.’
    • ‘Lord Byron named Dubrovnik the "Pearl of the Adriatic."’
    • ‘Air rescue was good in the Adriatic, where hundreds ditched.’
    • ‘Behind us, the rocks led down to an Adriatic rippled like a freshly mowed lawn.’
    • ‘He quarrelled with Venice over salt pans in the Adriatic which the Republic annexed during his refuge in Italy.’
    • ‘A handful of shivering Albanians are fished out of the Adriatic, distressed beyond belief, hoping desperately for signs of missing relatives.’
    • ‘Yet this ageing Queen of the Adriatic is enchanting.’
    • ‘I'm writing this from a balcony overlooking the Adriatic.’
    • ‘Venice agreed to the Balsic brothers having their own fleet in the Adriatic on condition they never use their ships against the interests of the Republic.’
    • ‘Escalation of the Yugoslav conflict leads to enforcement measures by NATO and WEU naval forces in the Adriatic towards the end of 1992.’
    • ‘Its low-lying location has long made it victim of tides, winds, and now the rising waters of the Adriatic.’
    • ‘They feared Serbian "hegemonism" and fell for Italian scare tactics, portraying the Slav monster as "stretching from Vladivostok to the Adriatic."’