Meaning of adscript in English:


Pronunciation /ˈadskrɪpt/


  • 1Geometry
    rare, historical A circumscribed or inscribed line, especially a tangent of a curve.

  • 2An adscript feudal serf.

  • 3A comment or note added to a manuscript, especially one which in error becomes incorporated into the text.


  • 1Of a feudal serf: hereditarily attached to an estate, and transferred with it.

    Earliest in "glebe-adscript", rendering Latin adscriptus glebae.

  • 2Written after; opposed to subscript. Chiefly in "iota adscript".


Mid 17th century; earliest use found in William Bedwell (bap. 1563, d. 1632), Arabist and mathematician. From classical Latin adscrīptus (also ascrīptus), past participle (in post-classical Latin also used as adjective and noun: see note) of adscrībere (also ascrībere).