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  • Excessively praising or admiring.

    ‘an adulatory review’
    • ‘the tone here is adulatory and uncritical’
    • ‘Yet almost everything he wrote about Stalin's Soviet Union takes the form of adulatory, gushing hymns to Stalin.’
    • ‘We all ‘know’ about the secret police knocking on the door at night, adulatory TV programs exalting the president-for-life, the pervasive corruption, queues and shortages, or the silly propaganda.’
    • ‘Did Auden ever look back on his adulatory poem about Sigmund Freud, whom he makes out to be a secular saint of science, with similar embarrassment, once it began to seem that Freud's ideas may have hurt more people than they helped?’
    • ‘Last Thursday, the Scottish parliament passed an adulatory motion congratulating the Queen on her Golden Jubilee and expressing gratitude for her ‘outstanding’ public service.’
    • ‘I was in Wellington, too, when the Beatles came to town, but with all the proud independence of a self-righteous adolescent I chose not to join the adulatory crowd or even to go to the Fab Four's concerts.’
    • ‘They are the strengths that motivated her to comment, when faced with the adulatory tributes, that ‘well, they don't tend to invite people who don't like you to these things’.’
    • ‘Well over a century before Macaulay wrote on Bacon, John Aubrey (in Brief Lives) had given a somewhat adulatory account of Bacon's life.’
    • ‘The rider enjoyed an adulatory press while he raced but now he is coming under fire from several sides with critics saying his team won't be ready and, if they are, they won't be competitive.’
    • ‘America had Shirley Temple but Britain had ‘the little princesses, the darlings of the Empire,’ as an adulatory press described them.’
    • ‘His ABC interviewers could be described as adulatory.’
    • ‘He thoroughly deserved his long obituary, the tone of which is almost adulatory in parts, even allowing for the deferential standards of the time.’
    • ‘It is full of adulatory references to the man who inspired him.’
    • ‘Check out this slightly less adulatory leader from the selfsame paper.’
    • ‘The tone here is adulatory and uncritical but the photographs alone will delight those who worship at Gandhi's shrine.’
    • ‘But for the most part the people who came to hear Nehru were sympathetic, and often adulatory.’
    • ‘If the essays are not overly adulatory neither are they overly critical.’
    • ‘I had read a Reader's Digest collection of adulatory articles about the great man.’
    • ‘The reception in the hall, and in the press the day after, was almost universally adulatory.’
    • ‘The food was great, he reasoned, the decor was smashing and the reviews were adulatory.’
    • ‘One effort was an adulatory poem, Le Siecle de Louis le Grand, in which he claimed that Louis XIV's world equalled, and surpassed, that of the ancient world.’
    flattering, complimentary, highly favourable, commendatory, enthusiastic, glowing, appreciative, praising, worshipping, worshipful, reverential, lionizing, blandishing, acclamatory, rhapsodic, eulogistic, laudatory, fulsome
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/ˌadjʊˈleɪt(ə)ri/ /ˈadjʊlət(ə)ri/