Meaning of adulteress in English:


Pronunciation /əˈdʌlt(ə)rɪs/

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  • A woman who commits adultery.

    ‘‘Strike the adulteress and the adulterer one hundred times’ may seem harsh but it is certainly not sexist.’
    • ‘Here was a wife who'd committed adultery, was an adulteress.’
    • ‘As Walter Matthau once noted, among her roles were ‘five gun molls, two burlesque queens, half a dozen adulteresses, and twice as many murderesses and when she was bad, she was terrific.’’
    • ‘Opponents relentlessly portrayed the quiet, devout Rachel as an adulteress at best, more often as a seductress and loose woman.’
    • ‘Having a child in this society was about as much a sin as being an adulteress in the Puritan society of The Scarlet Letter.’
    • ‘Jackson's mother was called a ‘common prostitute’ and his wife an immoral adulteress.’
    • ‘Blake is particularly captivating, moving between sober housewife and mother, to girlish seductress and committed adulteress with believable veracity, consistently evoking sympathy.’
    • ‘Eliza was an adulteress long before Gabriel had his affair with your mother.’
    • ‘Finally released, the adulteress took up residence in a lonely cottage by the sea.’
    • ‘They told the tales in public places about the people who were in their chicherias: stories of wayward wives and cheating husbands, and stories of pilfering clerks and aborting adulteresses.’
    • ‘The main character is an adulteress going through a midlife crisis who wants out of her marriage and who works in a human resources department.’
    • ‘Armed with hidden cameras, wires and various neat little surveillance gadgets, Vince and his assistant Beth set out to gather damning evidence against the unsuspecting adulteress.’
    • ‘After having lost another job - as a kitchen maid (I could be nothing as grand as a governess - not an adulteress like me!)’
    • ‘Some have suggested that it derives from a term (recorded in the Talmud) that means ‘curling women's hair,’ and is a reference to an adulteress.’
    • ‘Through this pain, though, are scenes of powerful emotional impact, including flashbacks from Jesus' life such as rescuing the adulteress from stoning and the Sermon on the Mount.’
    • ‘The young women Vera helps include an adulteress and a cocktail-slugging party girl.’
    • ‘He plays Levin, the troubled noble whose story runs parallel to the adulteress of the title.’
    • ‘As Stella, the 1950's bored wife, inattentive mother and unhinged adulteress at the center of this story, Ms. Richardson initially affects the vacant mien of cinema's classically oppressed women.’
    • ‘The sheriff and two reporters show up; she has ensured that the story will be all over the papers, and that she and Roark, adulteress and convict, will be linked.’
    • ‘It has spawned hundreds of essays discussing Edna's role as a possible feminist, painter, adulteress, and more.’