Meaning of adultescent in English:


Pronunciation /ˌadʌlˈtɛsnt/


  • A middle-aged person whose clothes, interests, and activities are typically associated with youth culture.

    • ‘For a bunch of adultescents pushing 40, you can't get much sexier than that.’
    • ‘A new name has even been coined for people who don't act their age: adultescents.’
    • ‘Still young enough to think we're hip (especially in this age of the adultescent) but old enough to have a reasonable disposable income.’
    • ‘But while much attention has been paid to live-at-home ‘adultescents,’ little has been said about their parents, many of whom are Baby Boomers who greet their boomerang kids with open arms.’
    • ‘Apart from the fact that today's ‘adultescent’ fifty-somethings would never buy anything called slacks?’


1990s blend of adult and adolescent.