Meaning of Advance Australia in English:

Advance Australia


  • A catchphrase used as a patriotic slogan or motto in Australia.

    ‘the coat of arms that Australian teams wear on their caps and blazers says “Advance Australia”’
    • ‘the festival carried a key theme of ‘Advance Australia’’
    • ‘First a canopy of wreaths surmounted a gorgeous floral crown which overtopped a meadow coloured arch, on which the words Advance Australia appeared formed of brilliant orange coloured flowers.’
    • ‘Gold abounds more profusely than ever and the universal watch-word seems to be 'Advance Australia'.’
    • ‘Let us cordially cry, Advance, Australia! and so treat her in her infancy that she shall remember us with grateful affection in the power and splendor of her maturity.’
    • ‘The new patriotism's essentially a program that's driven by the marketing gurus; it's about the Advance Australia campaign, putting on an Advance Australia teeshirt or a hat, buying Australian.’
    • ‘It was built by John Petrie between 1886-89 and features twin pediments with heraldic shields and the words 'Advance Australia'.’
    • ‘Embroidered on her tunic were 'Advance Australia' and 'Commerce', and she wore the Southern Cross on her left breast.’
    • ‘The moral foundations for all his later activity were established in this pivotal article, a social blueprint to 'Advance Australia', his scheme for the future.’
    • ‘All the principal streets of the city were decorated with flags and flowers, while the old motto, "Advance, Australia!," seemed to span every corner.’
    • ‘A bedspread from the Sydney Exhibition had 'Advance Australia' carefully worked in it.’
    • ‘Terry has been awarded the Advance Australia Award.’