Meaning of Adventism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈadv(ə)ntɪz(ə)m/


See Adventist

‘Methodism, Anglicanism, and Adventism are widespread on Statia.’
  • ‘And like any church, Adventism of course has its sectarian movements and offshoots.’
  • ‘I don't know what to make of Adventism, even after worshipping at an Adventist church myself.’
  • ‘I present the basic Adventist narrative through outlining how Adventism has traditionally linked the sabbath and eschatology.’
  • ‘Things become complicated in Adventism, for a lot of Adventists believe his writings exhibit the ‘spirit of prophecy.’’
  • ‘The spirituality in Star Wars is so universal that many world religions, from Adventism to Zoroastrianism, have found their beliefs reflected in the movie.’
  • ‘After the Civil War, Adventism expanded across the United States, flourishing especially in the West.’
  • ‘But many of the congregation recognise that village life does not fit easily with the demands of Adventism.’
  • ‘Modern Adventism began as an inter-denominational movement.’
  • ‘Seventh-Day Adventism arose from the aftermath of the Adventist movement of the mid-1800s.’
  • ‘Adventism has been an aspect of Christianity since its inception.’
  • ‘The practice of Adventism varies greatly from congregation to congregation.’
  • ‘Seventh-Day Adventism began in the 1840s with a group who believed first that Jesus Christ would return.’
  • ‘Adventism's early years were distinguished by the leadership of women.’
  • ‘There seem to be different "degrees" of Seventh-day Adventism.’
  • ‘It is an open debate welcoming both followers and critics of Seventh-day Adventism.’
  • ‘We started to research into Adventism's relationship with Christianity.’
  • ‘I very highly recommend the following works on the history and doctrines of Seventh-day Adventism.’
  • ‘Researchers have adequately confirmed the Adventism connection to that man.’
  • ‘Seventh-day Adventism laid its original foundations and has raised its superstructure upon historicism.’