Meaning of adventure game in English:

adventure game



  • A type of video game in which the participant plays a fantasy role in an episodic adventure story.

    ‘The action alternates between an adventure game with exploration phases and a platform-type game with trials of dexterity and speed.’
    • ‘One of those projects is believed to be a science-fiction-themed adventure game.’
    • ‘The biggest factor that can make or break an adventure game is its puzzles.’
    • ‘Initially I'd hoped to showcase classic examples of an action game, an adventure game, and a strategy game, but at this stage I'll settle for anything I can install!’
    • ‘But it's also an adventure game, in which decisions made and puzzles solved determine in a limited way the events that follow.’
    • ‘Any adventure game is supposed to have a plot and puzzles.’
    • ‘I was trying to find pieces to a puzzle, like in an adventure game.’
    • ‘And, being an adventure game where the only challenge is solving puzzles, there is very little replay value.’
    • ‘Since in an adventure game you're constantly trying to go down unexplored paths, up ladders and over hills, this stock response really reminds you that your character is just a robot, too.’
    • ‘Several expositional scenes are played out not with actors, but instead with text boxes and silhouette portraits of the characters, as we would see in an adventure game.’
    • ‘I'm still awaiting an adventure game that allows you to really interact with the environment without actually knowing which particular items will be useful in the future or not.’
    • ‘A simple arcade game with fast animation will be easier and cheaper to produce than a graphics-intensive adventure game, for example.’
    • ‘The locations have a nice 1920's noir feel to them, and the 3D characters are some of the best I've seen in an adventure game.’
    • ‘Maybe it's because it takes a lot more work to make a good adventure game, since it requires a lot of planning and expertise, especially when it comes to puzzles.’
    • ‘In 1998 the company produced a CD-ROM adventure game, which was nominated for a Bafta award.’
    • ‘Most of us love dogs, so the idea of playing as one and seeing the world through their eyes in a first-class adventure game was certainly intriguing.’
    • ‘How different is writing a novel from creating an adventure game?’
    • ‘How could this sensational series not make a great adventure game?’
    • ‘One of the driving elements of an adventure game is the storyline.’
    • ‘You know, no matter how hard I wish for it, life will never be like an adventure game.’