Meaning of adventurism in English:


Pronunciation /ədˈvɛntʃərɪz(ə)m/

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mass noun
  • The willingness to take risks in business or politics; actions or attitudes regarded as reckless or potentially hazardous.

    ‘Only in this manner can we hope to reduce the risks of adventurism and miscalculation in a world that retains many thousands of nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘To make such a claim is nothing but reckless adventurism.’
    • ‘Its reckless adventurism could have resulted in a nuclear conflagration.’
    • ‘This sort of reckless intellectual adventurism is not surprising, coming as it does from someone who affected surprise that rising petrol prices have an effect on the economy.’
    • ‘Instead, many countries have seen both opportunity and resources squandered on political adventurism, civil wars, misguided macroeconomic policies, and greed.’
    • ‘All of this adds to the danger of an uncontrolled slide into political adventurism, military provocation and war between the two nuclear-armed powers.’
    • ‘Without doubt, his political adventurism had engaged the media.’
    • ‘The country is drifting dangerously towards aggressive military adventurism and the establishment of a repressive national-security state.’
    • ‘This is one good reason why nations should think twice before they try to justify their foreign adventurism as acts of ‘liberation.’’
    • ‘Do you want to be safe in your own country or do you want to waste precious lives and resources on military adventurism?’
    • ‘Presidential adventurism will be at a minimum.’
    • ‘Because he believes modern-day adventurism of this sort cannot work and is unnecessary.’
    • ‘His departure has been welcomed by those investors both big and small who hope it'll bring an end to the company's corporate adventurism.’
    • ‘There is widespread public concern about scientific adventurism with the human genome (the supposed code of life).’
    • ‘Rudyard Kipling coined the term, The Great Game, to describe one hundred and fifty years of intrigue, military adventurism, and espionage.’
    • ‘They were successfully kept under the thumb, insofar as any lingering attraction to foreign adventurism was concerned.’
    • ‘These awkward facts, combined with a formidable military capability, go a long way towards explaining the current colonialist adventurism.’
    • ‘However, the ‘unofficial’ ideological shift to glorifying military adventurism is very interesting.’
    • ‘His adventurism threatens to de-stabilize the entire region.’
    • ‘We must concentrate on creating conditions to restrain militarism and military adventurism in the world.’