Meaning of adventus Saxonum in English:

adventus Saxonum

Pronunciation /adˌvɛntəs sakˈsəʊnəm/


(also aduentus Saxonum)
  • The ‘coming of the Saxons’; the arrival of the first Germanic settlers or invaders in post-Roman Britain, traditionally dated to 449; the earliest period of Anglo-Saxon settlement in Britain.

    Following the early accounts by Gildas, Bede, and Nennius, the adventus saxonum was traditionally regarded as a single, dramatic event, but philological and archaeological discoveries in the 20th century have led to widespread acceptance of a model of more gradual Germanic settlement.


1920s. From post-classical Latin adventus Saxonum from classical Latin adventus + post-classical Latin Saxonum, genitive plural of Saxon-, Saxo.