Meaning of adverbially in English:


Pronunciation /ədˈvəːbɪəli/

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See adverbial

‘But it's a prepositional phrase used adverbially, modifying ‘said’.’
  • ‘This would certainly be valid grammatically, if the verbal sense were correct, but it remains difficult to give a good sense to the clause if the expression ‘like a cedar’ must be tied adverbially to the verb.’
  • ‘Equally evidently, from any such adverbially qualified sentence we can validly infer a sentence from which one or more of the adverbial qualifiers has been detached.’
  • ‘The Loop at the end of this affix denotes the word is to be used adverbially; so that the sense of it must be the same which we express by the phrase, For Ever and Ever.’
  • ‘According to the dictionary, abaft can be used adverbially (in the stern half of the ship) or prepositionally (nearer the stern than; aft of).’