Meaning of advertising campaign in English:

advertising campaign


  • An organized course of action to promote a product or service.

    ‘the launch was accompanied by a high-profile advertising campaign’
    • ‘Stonyfield Farm this year launched its first-ever national advertising campaign.’
    • ‘In 1921 Hearst launched an advertising campaign to steal readers from the Tribune, offering $100,000 in cash prizes to his readers.’
    • ‘A new £2.5 million advertising campaign to recruit more Special constables into the police service is being launched this week.’
    • ‘A major benefit of using an advertising agency is the ability to use their expertise in developing and executing advertising campaigns.’
    • ‘Ad agencies put a great stock in taglines, hoping that with a simple phrase they can create the indestructible core of an evergreen advertising campaign.’
    • ‘In Australia, consumption of fresh milk was boosted in 1998 by a major advertising campaign.’
    • ‘He operated a studio which created digital images for national advertising campaigns.’
    • ‘I wonder how many months are invested in the marketing and advertising campaigns of some of today's most successful consumer products?’
    • ‘If a national advertising campaign is in the cards, it's important to remember that most national magazines require a two-or three-month lead time.’
    • ‘My lucky break was when I did the Smash Hits advertising campaign and someone from Virgin Records saw me on the front of a magazine and asked me if I could sing.’
    • ‘Industry-wide promotion and advertising campaigns are becoming more streamlined and sophisticated.’
    • ‘Advertising campaigns that promote a particular type or variety of product may harm producers and marketers of competing varieties.’
    • ‘Gallery owners and marketing specialists agree that a successful print advertising campaign is based on targeting the right market and making a presentation that entices customers to call on you.’
    • ‘The task of developing an advertising campaign is often left to a specialist agency.’
    • ‘I selected them solely on the basis of their advertising campaigns.’
    • ‘Even personal tragedy is fuel for big business advertising campaigns.’
    • ‘The Department of Tourism has recently launched a new advertising campaign for Bermuda in the UK.’
    • ‘Just this week, an advertising campaign from leading frozen-food brand Birds Eye hit our TV screens.’
    • ‘Have they really dropped him from their advertising campaign?’
    • ‘Give it a new name and give it an advertising campaign and, lo and behold, a new product is born.’