Meaning of aedeagus in English:


Pronunciation /iːdɪˈeɪɡəs/ /iːˈdɪəɡəs/


  • In insects: the male copulatory or sperm-depositing organ; an insect phallus or (typically) part of it, especially the distal portion.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in The Zoologist: a miscellany of natural history. From scientific Latin aedeagus from ancient Greek αἰδοῖα genitals, plural of αἰδοῖον, use as noun of neuter of αἰδοῖος having a claim to regard, reverence, or compassion (from αἰδώς shame, respect, reverence +-ιος, suffix forming adjectives) + ἀγός leader from ἄγειν to lead.