Meaning of aeolian in English:


(US eolian)

Pronunciation /iːˈəʊlɪən/


  • Relating to or arising from the action of the wind.

    ‘fluvial and aeolian sediments’
    • ‘Where cored the Auk Formation is easily identified because of the preservation of aeolian dune facies.’
    • ‘The term also acknowledges the predominant aeolian dune component of the coastal barriers.’
    • ‘The shallow soils are derived from fluvial gravel overlain by multiple ash deposits and aeolian dust.’
    • ‘Quartz grains are angular, suggestive of eolian origin.’
    • ‘The regionally immense deposits of rich loess soils, for example in the Midwest, are also of aeolian origin.’


Early 17th century from the name Aeolus + -ian.