Meaning of Aeolian mode in English:

Aeolian mode

Pronunciation /iːˈəʊlɪən/


  • The mode represented by the natural diatonic scale A–A (containing a minor 3rd, 6th, and 7th).

    ‘If you play the Aeolian mode over the top of this, the results might not be quite what you expected.’
    • ‘One way to think about the Aeolian mode is to consider the Aeolian mode and Ionian mode the same.’
    • ‘Once Ionian and Aeolian modes became favored modes, the other modes fell quickly out of favor.’
    • ‘The Aeolian mode takes a G sharp at cadences, and has many characteristics in common with the modern minor scale.’
    • ‘You added notes to these chords that made them specific to the Dorian mode, rather than the Aeolian mode.’


Late 18th century from Latin Aeolius, ‘from Aeolis’ (an ancient coastal district of Asia Minor) + -an.