Meaning of aerial topdressing in English:

aerial topdressing


mass nounNew Zealand
  • The spreading of fertilizer from aircraft, typically on steeply sloping land.

    ‘no aerial topdressing has been done in the valley for some years’
    • ‘Aerial topdressing opened up NZ's vast and hitherto infertile hill country to intensive pastoral production.’
    • ‘He was able to do quite a lot of development: fencing for subdivision into paddocks, buying some additional land, and getting aerial topdressing.’
    • ‘Then came the introduction of aerial topdressing in 1948.’
    • ‘After the war he returned to the RNZAF, and became Station Commander of RNZAF Stations Wigram, Fiji and Taieri before leaving to take up aerial topdressing.’
    • ‘On New Zealand's rugged landscapes aerial topdressing of pasturelands was widely adopted, and helped boost productivity.’
    • ‘The picture shows aerial topdressing in Kaituna Valley.’
    • ‘As an aerial topdressing pilot in the early 1950s, he was given the task of testing and proving the prototype.’
    • ‘They describe him as the pioneer of aerial topdressing.’
    • ‘Granulated fertiliser delighted the aerial topdressing industry because it could be loaded and delivered better from aircraft, meaning less waste.’
    • ‘It was assumed that ewes could not rear twins on the hill country, but the arrival of aerial topdressing improved pasture production and lambing percentages rose.’