Meaning of aerodynamically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛːrə(ʊ)dʌɪˈnamɪkli/

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‘The aerodynamically efficient body has a drag coefficient of 0.26, contributing to excellent noise insulation for the cabin and fuel economy.’
  • ‘The Flying Nun's habit just did not look aerodynamically sound.’
  • ‘And I don't think a formation of 9 would be aerodynamically stable either.’
  • ‘The problem is that the car is aerodynamically unstable, and under heavy braking, the back end kicks out like a mule.’
  • ‘The car is very strong aerodynamically, very stable in the high speed turns and this gives you a lot of confidence.’
  • ‘I must say that aerodynamically it is a very impressive chassis to drive.’