Meaning of aerosphere in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːrə(ʊ)sfɪə/


  • The body of air surrounding the earth; the atmosphere.

    ‘the aerosphere influences both daily and seasonal movements of organisms’
    • ‘Using atmospheric data, one can try to estimate how many creatures actually live in the aerosphere.’
    • ‘This symposium marks a pioneering effort to bring together biologists engaged in research on organisms that move through and inhabit the aerosphere.’
    • ‘Bats feature prominently among organisms that occupy the aerosphere as they extensively use this environment for foraging.’
    • ‘The aerosphere represents one of three major components of the biosphere.’
    • ‘The capacity of radars to detect biological scatterers in the aerosphere has been known for 50 years.’
    air, aerosphere, airspace, sky