Meaning of aerostat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːrə(ʊ)stat/


  • An airship or hot-air balloon.

    ‘They might be balloons, airships, planes, or tethered aerostats.’
    • ‘By the way, an aerostat is a tethered balloon - they may be blimp-shaped so they're stable in the wind, though.’
    • ‘He continues his work in solar and minimal powered aircraft and aerostats.’
    • ‘Licenses for the aerostats are granted by the Aviation Authority.’
    • ‘Actually, the JLENS blimp is an aerostat, a blimp like vehicle designed to always turn into the wind and stay in the same place.’
    • ‘Ground IR and radar sensors are used to cue the aerostat imaging sensor to identify targets.’


Late 18th century from French aérostat, from Greek aēr ‘air’ + statos ‘standing’.