Meaning of Aesopic in English:


Pronunciation /iːˈsɒpɪk/


(also Esopic)
  • 1Of, relating to, or characteristic of Aesop, a semi-legendary Greek fabulist of the 6th century b.c.

  • 2In relation to Russian and (Soviet) Communist literature: using a style or language that has hidden or ambiguous meaning, especially as a device to disguise dissident political writing in allegorical form and so avoid official censorship.


Mid 17th century; earliest use found in Ralph Cudworth (1617–1688), philosopher and theologian. From post-classical Latin Aesopicus from ancient Greek Αἰσωπικός (Aristophanes) from Αἴσωπος (classical Latin Aesōpus) Aesop + -ικός.