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(also US esthetician)
  • 1A person who is knowledgeable about aesthetics.

    ‘At this point any remaining modern artists and aestheticians will now take their leave.’
    • ‘Best known for his medieval story, he has also worked as a philosopher, aesthetician, and television producer.’
    • ‘They are the primary aesthetic notions, which give sense to the wider class that aestheticians include as ‘aesthetic’.’
    • ‘On the terms of this encyclopedia, art historians are implicitly aestheticians without being consciously aware of it.’
    • ‘There is this paper written by an analytic aesthetician.’
    • ‘Cute may not yet have its aesthetician, but while it awaits, it does have a chronicler.’
    • ‘I believe that Theological Aesthetics will reward theologians, aestheticians, and others interested in these topics.’
    • ‘The documentary material is neglected at the aesthetician's peril.’
    • ‘Ever since the cinema began, aestheticians have sought to define pure cinema.’
    • ‘Many are silkscreened: produced with inked up screens by union members, not aestheticians.’
    • ‘Included among these critics are analytic philosophers, film aestheticians, sociologists and cultural theorists.’
    • ‘Diderot was influenced by English 18th-century aestheticians, particularly Lord Shaftesbury, whom he translated.’
    • ‘Some aestheticians argue that a work of art has value only because of what it can mean to creatures capable of aesthetic appreciation.’
    • ‘Although he initially studied languages, he took composition lessons and was influenced by the musical aesthetician.’
    • ‘Novelist and aesthetician, she lived in her mother's Florentine villa.’
    • ‘This is what the philosopher and aesthetician had in mind when he spoke of humour as a form of common sense.’
    • ‘All the pressing questions about categories and protocol that once so bothered aestheticians don't seem to matter anymore.’
    • ‘He ends by arguing that the topics of interest to aestheticians can be re-evaluated into a number of distinct adaptations.’
    • ‘Poets do such things, so sometimes do aestheticians, and so does Stephen Dedalus in Ulysses.’
    • ‘‘You want things to look pristine,’ says Curtis, who adds that this also goes for the aesthetician.’
  • 2North American A beautician.

    ‘The spa is a full-out body pleasure palace housing hairdressers, aestheticians, and a gym.’
    • ‘Thanks to our team of dermatologists, aestheticians, and hairstylists, we were able to grant your beauty wishes.’
    • ‘He recommends this process, which estheticians call exfoliation.’
    • ‘Once they find an esthetician they trust, the male patient tends to be loyal to that provider.’
    • ‘Half-way through, I find myself doing yogic breathing and meditation to keep from popping the esthetician in the face.’
    • ‘Claudia is a licensed esthetician and freelance journalist based in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘For a hefty price at a day spa, an esthetician exfoliates the facial surface with a scalpel.’
    • ‘A staff of doctors, nurses and aestheticians work together to make you look and feel your best.’
    • ‘The stores are staffed with naturopathic doctors, nurses, and aestheticians.’
    • ‘Do aestheticians help with prevention, or are they more about treatment?’
    • ‘Managing personal trainers is a world apart from managing aestheticians.’
    • ‘A sea-mud mask, used two to three times weekly, can also help, says an aesthetician in California.’
    • ‘My aesthetician alternately pampered and tortured my weather-beaten skin.’
    • ‘All clay types are equally effective, says an aesthetician and author of a book about skin care.’
    • ‘That slowly began to fade away as the aesthetician's gentle hands lulled me into blissful sleep during my facial.’
    • ‘Lying on a massage table or in an aesthetician's chair is a bit like sitting at the hair salon.’
    • ‘In today's competitive economy, it's essential that medical aestheticians stay up to speed with the latest tools of the trade.’
    • ‘According to the esthetician, liquid soaps can be harsh.’
    • ‘During my spa visit, I had the opportunity to talk with the lovely and talented esthetician.’
    • ‘Ask your dermatologist or aesthetician about a hydrating facial.’



/ˌiːsθɪˈtɪʃn/ /ˌɛsθɪˈtɪʃn/