Meaning of aestheticize in English:



(also British aestheticise)
[with object]
  • Represent as beautiful or artistically pleasing.

    ‘the director relentlessly aestheticizes the world of his fathers’
    • ‘I think of Mapplethorpe as being the first artist to aestheticize the gay male community.’
    • ‘Has art the right to aestheticize the trauma, suffering, and death of war?’
    • ‘Wagner carefully and self-consciously based his design on those principles, while aestheticizing them, by invoking the ideal community.’
    • ‘These are not sensations that are normally aestheticized, or on which viewers would ordinarily linger.’
    • ‘What Benton's mechanics do, in other words, is to aestheticize the country's industrial-age obsession with efficient movement.’
    • ‘I agree that romanticism aestheticizes everything but I do not see it as conformist in the way you do.’
    • ‘And we traveled around the San Francisco Bay Area, aestheticizing the landscape as we went.’
    • ‘Framed within the generic conventions of the fine-art nude, their bodies are aestheticized and eroticized as ‘objects' to be looked at.’
    • ‘That is why fascists aestheticize politics, while socialists politicise art.’
    • ‘Hunger, misery, degeneracy and the ravages of age were personified, and estheticized, in sculptures of anguished, contorted figures.’
    • ‘I have not aestheticized the bomb - rather, the bomb is inherently aesthetic.’
    • ‘Much writing today is outward in its gaze, aestheticizing the world through description.’
    • ‘You are such a master at aestheticizing your crimes that even your victims are grateful to be included in the horrible photographs.’
    • ‘Even more, and especially as an exact recollection clears out, the image aestheticizes the remembered event.’
    • ‘Our culture has aestheticized politics as well as war, and aestheticization now also threatens the art of architecture.’
    • ‘Everything about him is aestheticized, from the white aviator scarf he wears like an ascot to the flower in his suit lapel.’
    • ‘Such a building would be equal parts pragmatics and aestheticized glamour.’
    • ‘These highly aestheticized paint objects have a powerful physical presence.’
    • ‘Notwithstanding the title, Burckhardt does not aestheticize his objects.’
    • ‘At times, he seems to be exhausting all possible means and angles to aestheticize action and violence.’



/iːsˈθɛtɪsʌɪz/ /ɪsˈθɛtɪsʌɪz/ /ɛsˈθɛtɪsʌɪz/