Meaning of affectee in English:


Pronunciation /afɛkˈtiː/


  • (mainly in Pakistani English) a person affected or harmed as the result of an event or action.

    ‘our doctors and medical staff are actively involved in examining the earthquake affectees’
    • ‘They demanded that those who were ignored in the initial survey of affectees should be included in the government list for compensation.’
    • ‘He said there were over 11,000 affectees of the housing scam.’
    • ‘In some cases, the affectees are entirely forgotten.’
    • ‘Several affectees were also present in the court during the hearing.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister assured that all out efforts would be made to rehabilitate the quake affectees properly.’
    • ‘The government will announce a compensatory package for the quake affectees after receiving complete details.’
    • ‘This scholarship program is intended to focus on orphans and affectees of any natural calamity.’
    • ‘Tents, water, and other essential items were being distributed among the affectees.’
    • ‘She went personally to every affectee and embraced the women and children.’
    • ‘We do not have the capacity to deal with such a huge number of affectees.’