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Pronunciation /əˈfɛktɪv/

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  • 1Psychology
    Relating to moods, feelings, and attitudes.

    ‘A therapeutic range has not been established for valproic acid in affective disorders.’
    • ‘Most defendants who were hospitalised had diagnoses of schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder.’
    • ‘There was also a low prevalence of affective disorders in the violent group.’
    • ‘This method has been successfully employed in other subliminal affective priming studies.’
    • ‘It was designed to measure both affective and evaluative components of attitudes toward one's current job.’
    aesthetically pleasing, aesthetic, pleasurable, gratifying, rich, sumptuous, luxurious
    1. 1.1Psychiatry Denoting or relating to mental conditions in which disturbance of mood or its expression is the primary component.
      ‘affective disorders’
      • ‘The women who reported more severe coercion were more likely to be diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.’
      • ‘Of a total of 55 participants with complete data, 43 reported a lifetime affective disorder.’
      • ‘Episodes of psychosis recurring each autumn sounds like an extreme version of seasonal affective disorder.’
      • ‘No change in affective illness morbidity was observed in the group where the lithium dose was not altered.’
      • ‘In this section we continue with the second major group of disorders; what are called the mood or affective disorders.’


Late Middle English via French from late Latin affectivus, from afficere (see affect).