Meaning of affeer in English:


Pronunciation /əˈfɪə/


  • To determine, decide, assess; (Law) to fix or settle the amount of (a fine or amercement), typically by adjusting a generally prescribed penalty according to the particular circumstances of an offender and his or her offence; to settle the amount to be paid by (a person); to perform this task for (a certain community or region).


Middle English. From Anglo-Norman aferer, affeerer, afferer, affurer, afurer, Anglo-Norman and Middle French affeurer, Middle French afeurer (also Anglo-Norman affoerer, Anglo-Norman and Middle French afforer, Old French, Middle French aforer; French †affeurer, †afforer) to determine the value of (goods, or a weight or measure), to tax (someone), to fix the amount of (an amercement) from post-classical Latin afforare to assess, to appraise, fix the price of from classical Latin af-, variant of ad- + forum market, in post-classical Latin also market price.