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[with object]usually be affiliated to/with
  • 1Officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.

    ‘they are national associations affiliated to larger organizations’
    • ‘the college is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin’
    • ‘She encouraged the Association to look at how members are affiliated with the organization.’
    • ‘At the time my favorite magazine was Boys Life, some publication affiliated with the Boy Scouts Organization.’
    • ‘Look for groups affiliated with a reputable organization or hosted by an expert.’
    • ‘They demanded involvement in one or more of the innumerable organizations run by or affiliated with the party.’
    • ‘I am not affiliated with any organization or group and have never received any major funding from anyone.’
    • ‘Many students here, whether or not they are actually affiliated with the Union, are MPs-in-the-making.’
    • ‘The club has fully qualified coaches and is affiliated with the local Football Association.’
    • ‘Associates are affiliated with the community, but do not take canonical vows.’
    • ‘The regime limited unions not affiliated with the Government in their attempts to advance worker rights.’
    • ‘Also ask the researcher if they are affiliated with a research group or a national organization.’
    • ‘Most farmers' organisations are affiliated with one or other of the political parties.’
    • ‘The most dangerous of the insurgents are those affiliated with the previous regime and their allies.’
    • ‘The programme lacked lustre as no commoner was present except for those affiliated with the government in some way or the other.’
    • ‘The competing club teams and are not affiliated with high schools.’
    • ‘Since I am not now affiliated with any political party nor any election slate, I am not recruiting anybody.’
    • ‘He stressed that the new economic team must be filled with professionals not affiliated with any political party.’
    • ‘I think it's pretty clear, looking at the site, that it is NOT affiliated with the government.’
    • ‘In short - you can choose how closely you would like to be affiliated with our new journey!’
    • ‘All are affiliated with slates consisting of similarly minded candidates.’
    • ‘He is an agnostic and not currently affiliated with any political party.’
    associate with, be in league with, unite with, combine with, join with, join up with, join forces with, ally with, form an alliance with, align with, amalgamate with, merge with, coalesce with, federate with, confederate with, form a federation with, form a confederation with, team up with, band together with, cooperate with
    associated, allied, related, integrated, amalgamated, incorporated, federated, confederated, unified, connected, linked, joined, bound, belonging
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    1. 1.1(of an organization) admit as a member.
      ‘the main party agreed to affiliate four Conservative associations’
      • ‘Fourteen years ago, just 171 organisations were affiliated, compared to 959 now.’
      • ‘The team wasn't affiliated in time for the opening day of the season but it's understood the lads will be in action this weekend.’
      • ‘It zeroed in on these youngsters in each district, trained them and affiliated them to the mission.’
      • ‘For example, in November 2000 it affiliated the three national trade union centres in the country.’
      • ‘At the April meeting, they affiliated four new members and enjoyed a program of Springtime French chanson performed by the meeting’s hostess.’
    2. 1.2no object Officially join or become attached to an organization.
      ‘almost all students affiliate to the Students' Union’
      • ‘We appeal to all organisations and social movements to affiliate to the organising committee and get stuck into the task of raising money.’
      • ‘Our motion explains what the movement is about and calls on the union to affiliate to the organisation, provide support and invite speakers.’
      • ‘Commuters came from different persuasions which meant there was no need for him to affiliate to any political organisation.’
      • ‘Get your union branch, student union or community organisation to affiliate to the union.’
      • ‘To participate in this process, groups must affiliate to the Community and Voluntary Network by Friday, February 20.’
      • ‘The rise in those affiliating to the live register during a summer month is surprising, considering that summer seasonal work usually causes a decrease in these figures.’
      • ‘A proposal to affiliate to the Royal Horticultural Society was adopted and takes effect from January 10,’
      • ‘Their decision not to affiliate to the Student Union is disappointing: college members will continue to miss services and support integral to the life and successes of contemporaries at other colleges.’
      • ‘Part of the decision of the Committee is to change the way unions affiliate to the Party to make that a much more transparent process so that these sort of issues don't arise in the future.’
      • ‘A very successful, well-supported December fundraiser had left the coffers in a healthy state and the club has been able to affiliate to the Federation and pay its insurance.’
      • ‘The Bishop visited the school on Monday to welcome it as the first community school to affiliate to the Diocese.’
      • ‘We were unable to secure this cover on our own at a price we could afford, so we have decided to affiliate to the British Triathlon Association.’
      • ‘I had just started a youth club in 1973 and I was looking around to see who we would affiliate to.’
      • ‘Never before have trade union members who choose to affiliate to the Party been given the choice.’
      • ‘The Football Coaches Association will this season affiliate to foreign coaching bodies in a bid to attach its membership to international coaching courses.’
      • ‘These circumstances led to the decision to allow branches to affiliate to and provide finance for other political organisations of their choosing.’
      • ‘He warned those who did not affiliate to the three federations that their participation in karate championships would be deemed illegal.’
      • ‘In December 1997, the executive banned branches from affiliating to, or making donations to the union.’
      • ‘Major unions threw their weight behind the anti-war movement, affiliating to the Coalition.’
      • ‘Unfortunately the conference narrowly voted against affiliating to the Coalition.’
      become a member of, help in, participate in, join in, get involved in, contribute to, have a hand in
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  • A person or organization officially attached to a larger body.

    ‘the firm established links with American affiliates’
    • ‘Finally, several national organizations have begun to help their local affiliates start charter schools.’
    • ‘Those affiliates and organizations assigned personnel to fill the slots.’
    • ‘Our technology affiliate has highly trained specialists who have earned their stripes.’
    • ‘Markets were opened by the government to products produced by affiliates overseas.’
    • ‘Almost all affiliates and subsidiaries were anchor companies in the country's economy and many of them did business all over the world.’
    • ‘For ten months I was a volunteer intern at the Irish Film Archive, an affiliate of the Film Institute of Ireland.’
    • ‘It has expanded internationally, with overseas affiliates in Macedonia, the United States and Switzerland.’
    • ‘Should it provide affiliates with services or with strategic direction?’
    • ‘If the affiliates make a public call for an independent inquiry, I think they would have to act.’
    • ‘Most observers expect the membership to bless the idea of expansion, either through an affiliate or a subsidiary.’
    • ‘Here, a distinction needs to be drawn between the networks, their affiliates and cable television companies.’
    • ‘The relationship between the national office and local affiliates is still evolving, still being worked out.’
    • ‘Now, some say, vendors should focus on helping affiliates do business more effectively.’
    • ‘Local cable and satellite affiliates will distribute the food donations to local food banks.’
    • ‘Understanding your affiliates financial model is critical to the success of any program.’
    • ‘We realized that several local and state affiliates had such committees in place.’
    • ‘Similarly, a company may draw components and supplies from a subsidiary or from an affiliate or on the open market.’
    • ‘Another affiliate supplies security equipment and services in the co-op service area and beyond.’
    • ‘Eight places on each committee will be reserved for the nominees of the affiliates.’
    • ‘From those small beginnings, the federation today has affiliates in more than 170 nations.’
    office, bureau, agency
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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘adopt a child’, in an isolated attestation): from medieval Latin affiliat- ‘adopted as a son’, from the verb affiliare, from ad- ‘towards’ + filius ‘son’. The modern senses date from the late 18th century and appear to be modelled on French affilier ‘adhere or belong to an organization or group’, especially in the context of the French Revolution.