Meaning of affinity card in English:

affinity card



  • A cheque card or credit card for which the bank donates a portion of the money spent using the card to a specific charity or other organization.

    ‘The chief executive said the social card was the first affinity card in India.’
    • ‘Although a recent survey showed that only 6% of those questioned had an affinity card, more than half said that they thought they would become more popular, with one in five adults saying that they would consider having one.’
    • ‘The trust relies on donations and sponsorship, has an affinity card and often host jumbles sales and fairs to raise funds.’
    • ‘India's fastest-growing credit card has announced the launch of India's first city affinity card.’
    • ‘The Bank has paid £20 million to good causes since it launched its first charity affinity card 10 years ago.’
    • ‘‘The program has no cons for us; we get a lump sum of a half a percentage point of all purchases made with the card,’ explains the society member about his group's affinity card program.’
    • ‘A three-year pact with the Humane Society will aim for drivers with pets - it now offers first aid kits for critters - with such possible extensions as a guide to pet-friendly hotels and affinity cards.’
    • ‘He said that the bank has donated £18m to charity and sporting activities generally through the use of affinity cards and that football clubs have received £850,000.’
    • ‘Clearly the constitution of the club would need to be amended - it being envisaged that bowls members will pay bowls levies and have affinity cards, while croquet members will pay their relevant croquet fees.’
    • ‘One story involves a supermarket that sent grocery lists purchased by people with affinity cards to the government for inspection.’
    • ‘Partners include charities and football clubs, who typically receive a payment when you first use your affinity card plus ongoing payments linked to your future spend - all paid by the bank!’
    • ‘Please support the Foundation by taking out our Affinity Card.’
    • ‘It seems that Affinity Card holders most often do not know how much their cards provide to the charities that sponsor them.’
    • ‘Four in ten affinity card holders believe charitable contributions are important.’
    • ‘The affinity card market in both the USA and the UK is expanding rapidly.’