Meaning of affinity group in English:

affinity group



mainly US
  • A group of people linked by a common interest or purpose.

    ‘affinity groups are the key to forwarding a company's diversity agenda’
    • ‘In the session we learned at least two important lessons: the need to establish and maintain links with other members of an affinity group and the usefulness of vinegar in dealing with the effects of tear gas.’
    • ‘An affinity group of older women from Montreal, were the first to approach the fence.’
    • ‘I quickly began searching for my affinity group.’
    • ‘If a call went out for more people at a certain location, an affinity group could assess the numbers holding the line where they were and choose whether or not to move.’
    • ‘All protesters were asked to abide by a code of conduct, and membership of an affinity group and training in non-violent protest were parts of the code of conduct.’
    • ‘Each affinity group had its own mission and was self-organized.’
    • ‘It's safer and more fun if you come in an affinity group: please think about setting one up if you haven't already got one going, and having a preparation session.’
    • ‘One of the women in my affinity group was actually organizing the rally there.’
    • ‘Help the affinity group decide upon and initiate their action, provide physical and moral support, and share in the excitement and sense of determination.’
    • ‘Each affinity group nominates a representative who can take part in broader decision making processes.’
    • ‘We have roundtables with the affinity group leaders and with our president so that they can share what their particular groups are talking about and raise issues that might come up.’
    • ‘Major philosophical or moral questions that will come up with each affinity group will have to be worked through as soon as the group forms.’
    • ‘People are encouraged to march together as a branch, community organisation or affinity group.’
    • ‘The affinity groups come together and form clusters which are several affinity groups which have a common goal.’
    • ‘I am interested in facilitating the formation of small affinity groups interested in nonviolent direct action.’
    • ‘That is how friends, allies and affinity groups operate in the United Nations to achieve common cause.’
    • ‘Another possible interesting application would be to manage affinity groups.’
    • ‘We have mentoring programs, diversity councils, affinity groups and internships available to our diverse employees.’
    • ‘Party-based contacts were augmented by the efforts of local affinity groups, resulting in a more personal (and, presumably, persuasive) appeal.’
    • ‘The Internet can match people into affinity groups, help them figure out times and places they can meet, and so serve the cause of authentic, as opposed to virtual, networking.’