Meaning of afflux in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaflʌks/


  • A flow of something, especially water or air.

    ‘Hence, when the pulsations of the seed are stilled, the afflux of psychic energy ceases.’
    • ‘The equation which describes the model characterizes the afflux as a function of Froude number, and blockage ratio in terms of the downstream conditions.’
    • ‘Special hydrologic and ecologic conditions are a consequence of shallowness, closed area, entry of freshwater affluxes and of anthropogenic influences.’
    • ‘The standard culvert has sufficient cells to pass the discharge without significant afflux.’
    • ‘Because it was tried to plant cotton in the desert, huge amounts of water were taken from the natural affluxes.’


Early 17th century from medieval Latin affluxus, from affluere ‘flow freely’ (see affluent).