Meaning of affronté in English:


Pronunciation /əˈfrʌnti/


(also affronty)
predicative or postpositive
  • (of an animal's head) facing the observer.

    ‘The Viking helms and the chapel-de-fer are affronty by default; all other helms face dexter by default.’
    • ‘The helm may be displayed either affronty or in profile, whichever better displays the crest.’
    • ‘We have returned submissions of animals rampant affronty for exactly this reason; barring evidence of sejant erect affronty being depicted in this manner, we must return this for a redraw.’
    • ‘The primary was blazoned as a ‘dragon affronty, wings displayed, lacking forelegs’.’
    • ‘He pointed out that the images we previously had of the Bermuda flag show the red lion affronté holding the shield, with what looks like a small pool of water below the shield.’


Mid 16th century (as affronty): French, past participle of affronter ‘to face’.