Meaning of Afghan coat in English:

Afghan coat

Pronunciation /afɡanˈkəʊt/


  • A kind of sheepskin coat with the skin outside, typically having a shaggy border.

    ‘We used to go to concerts together wearing our Afghan coats.’
    • ‘I was born in the 1960s, grew up in the 1970s, I had an Afghan coat and long hair, I wore clogs when I was 17 at university.’
    • ‘If I did get out for a night, I'd go to the Cellar Bar, where everyone wore flares and you might even see the odd Afghan coat.’
    • ‘She also spent time in India and made an illicit excursion into Afghanistan, disguised in an Afghan coat and a cap.’
    • ‘They sounded great, but unless denim, leather, Afghan coats, long lanky hair, mutton chop sideburns, and droopy moustaches are your thing, they probably aren't the best looking band in the world.’
    • ‘Get your old singles out of the attic, hunt around for that old Afghan coat.’
    • ‘I wanted to buy an Afghan coat and was told they produced the best ones.’
    • ‘She bought an ankle length Afghan coat with curly fur on the inside and embroidery on the skin side.’
    • ‘I had long thick hair, faded jeans, an Afghan coat, a beard, and was waving in the air a wide-brimmed black felt hat.’
    • ‘They were both shaggy haired, wearing bandanas and one of them sported a cut off Afghan coat.’