Meaning of African elephant in English:

African elephant


  • The elephant native to Africa, which is larger than the Indian elephant and has larger ears and a two-lipped trunk.

    Loxodonta africana, family Elephantidae

    ‘The corruption scores were then measured against three well-surveyed components of biodiversity: African elephants, black rhinoceroses, and forest cover.’
    • ‘The extinct beasts are more closely related to Asian elephants than to African elephants, the researchers found, and the three species diverged within a surprisingly short period of time.’
    • ‘New DNA research reveals that woolly mammoths were more closely related to modern Asian elephants than to African elephants.’
    • ‘In the past three years researchers with the project have captured sounds from a variety of animals, including African elephants, rhinos, horses, chickens, and bottlenose dolphins.’
    • ‘There were once more than 300 species within the family, known as proboscideans, but today only Asian elephants and African elephants still exist.’