Meaning of Afrikander in English:


Pronunciation /ˌafrɪˈkandə/


(also Africander)
  • An animal of a South African breed of sheep or longhorn cattle.

    ‘The Africander is South Africa's most popular native breed, comprising 30% of the cattle population.’
    • ‘The low maintenance Africander is heat-tolerant and well adapted to withstand harsh conditions.’
    • ‘The breeds selected to form the genetic pool were Hereford, Angus, Afrikander and Santa Gertirudis.’
    • ‘Tick-resistance of the Africander is lower than that of the Brahman but superior to that of the European and British breeds of cattle and is quite adequate for most areas of northern Australia.’
    • ‘In both crossbred populations, horned bulls bred to horned cows produced polled calves; in fact, 23% of heifer calves from such matings in the Africander crossbred population were polled.’


Early 19th century (an early form of Afrikaner, having the same senses): via Afrikaans from South African Dutch.