Meaning of Afrobeat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈafrə(ʊ)biːt/


mass noun
  • A style of popular music incorporating elements of African music and jazz, soul, and funk.

    ‘Nonetheless, he was a pivotal player in defining Afrobeat, which makes him an ideal focus for a musical benefit.’
    • ‘He said, "Afro-beat will be the music of the future."’
    • ‘They have many styles, from the fresh funk sounds of Afro-beat in West Africa to rumba OK Jazz in the Democratic Republic of Congo.’
    • ‘Interviewed for the Herald's Metro before the show, Kuti asserted his love of traditional Afrobeat.’
    • ‘Part performer and part activist, Kuti used the musical style, Afrobeat, to make a social statement.’
    • ‘The documentary captures the vibrant music scene in Lagos and reveals the major young Nigerian Afrobeat, hip hop and fusion artists.’
    • ‘Funk music was exported to Africa in the late 1960s, and melded with African singing and rhythms to form Afrobeat.’
    • ‘On returning to Nigeria, Fela single-handedly developed and popularised a new, innovative musical style he named Afrobeat.’
    • ‘He's been known to spin the latest in everything from hip-hop and soul to funk, house and Afrobeat.’
    • ‘Jazz is definitely a dialogue, but at its best Afrobeat is a total conversation.’
    • ‘Roy says this event may shatter some people's illusions that African music is made up only of Afrobeat.’
    • ‘The popularity of Brazilian and Afro-beat is great, but commercialization is always lurking.’
    • ‘And Afrobeat is a way of life, you have to live your music.’
    • ‘Maybe some people will recognize one of the remixes and get turned on to Afro-beat and the rest of my father's music.’
    • ‘By general consensus, he invented the devilishly complicated, deceptively simple-sounding rhythm that came to be known as Afrobeat.’
    • ‘If you like Afrobeat and Arabic pop, it's a combination of both.’
    • ‘This is Afro-beat… effortless, serious funk with fantastic oomphy brass sections.’
    • ‘While it's true that Femi basically plays modern Afrobeat, his approach differs quite a lot from his father's.’
    • ‘I'm not even going to skirt around it: Lately, I've been listening to basically nothing but Afrobeat and drone-based ambient music.’
    • ‘I don't think Afrobeat is the only genre that can do it.’