Meaning of Afrocentrist in English:



See Afrocentric

‘By and large, nineteenth-century Afrocentrists accepted a single, Northern European model of ‘civilization,’ which they usually saw as interchangeable with ‘culture.’’
  • ‘Will Black nationalists be represented, will Afrocentrists be there, or will even White nationalists be included?’
  • ‘A rollcall of Afrocentrists in the African Diaspora, since the 18th century, would include the inspirer of the Haitian liberation struggle.’
  • ‘As an Afrocentrist, I am committed to divesting my cultural and social investment in European cultural thought and behavior and to increase my exercise of African cultural thought and behavior.’
  • ‘The Afrocentrist contends that passion can never be a substitute for argument as argument should not be a substitute for passion.’