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after a fashion

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  • To a certain extent but not perfectly.

    ‘he could read after a fashion’
    • ‘A few each year go off to college, after a fashion.’
    • ‘He had become a traitor to his class - after a fashion.’
    • ‘And I've constructed my photograph album, after a fashion.’
    • ‘It's a question he's pondered too, after a fashion.’
    • ‘They toyed with them after a fashion, and then got back on the bus.’
    • ‘Strangers think they know you - and they do, after a fashion.’
    • ‘It is sly, clever after a fashion, and undeniably effective.’
    • ‘Having picked up new skills, after a fashion, I'm keen to employ them on a proper mountain tour.’
    • ‘Some of these people I call friends and indeed we still are friends after a fashion.’
    • ‘Quite a few people come looking for cartoon ducks, and they find them, after a fashion.’
    to a certain extent, in a way, in a rough way, somehow or other, somehow, in an approximate manner, in a manner of speaking, in its way
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