Meaning of afters in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːftəz/

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plural noun

informal British
  • 1The sweet course following the main course of a meal; pudding.

    • ‘there was apple pie for afters’
    • ‘We had roast potatoes and cauliflower and then something like apple tart with custard for afters.’
    • ‘All the meat is free range and the coffee, tea and chocolate are all organic and fair trade, so you can just about justify tucking into the calorie-crazed sticky toffee pudding for afters.’
    • ‘To get the best out of this strange place you should really have a Mexican starter and a Polish Main course with maybe a mixture of Polish and Mexican puddings for afters.’
    • ‘When you were little did your mum used to send you to the ice cream van with a big bowl, to have it filled up with ice-cream for afters?’
    • ‘There are even a couple of creamy comforting Iberian desserts for afters.’
    • ‘It was lovely and the carvery was great, as was the minty ice-cream for afters!’
    • ‘I was going to prepare just a simple Lamb Roast Dinner with an apple pie for afters.’
    • ‘Other afters included caramelised homemade brioche, banana tatin with a rum crème brulée and orange and muscat jelly with dark chocolate ice cream.’
    • ‘There was nice china and silver cutlery, with apple pie and cream for afters.’
    • ‘Back on the Orient Express, it is guinea fowl en croute with champagne jelly for afters.’
    • ‘For afters I couldn't resist the sticky toffee pudding while my guest sampled three flavours of ice cream.’
    • ‘Dinner was sausage and beans with coffee and a mousse for afters.’
    • ‘The private detective arrived as they were trying to decide whether to have ice cream or cake for afters.’
    • ‘After a rather substantial evening meal consisting of home made meat pie with all the trimmings and trifle for afters, we got ourselves prepared for the trick or treaters.’
    • ‘We'll make a special meal too, including our famous condensed-milk and lemon pie for afters.’
    • ‘However included in this is a cold mineral drink, tea or coffee and two delicious profiteroles carved as swans for afters.’
    • ‘Lunch, or dinner as it was called, consisted of soups, pasties or sandwiches, vegetables, and some sort of pastry for afters.’
    • ‘But a quick look around the neighbouring tables convinced me that next time I visit I will leave space for afters.’
    • ‘She roasts a chicken, or a piece of pork, makes a salad, possibly does something with rhubarb and lots of cream for afters.’
    • ‘The reception was held in a marquee and a further 200 arrived for the afters, making it one of the biggest weddings seen for sometime.’
    dessert, sweet course, second course, last course
  • 2(in soccer) a confrontation between players after a foul or other incident.

    • ‘they were both yellow-carded for a spot of afters before half-time’
    • ‘Foe, during his eventful term at Upton Park, was one of many players who had a bit of afters with Roy Keane.’
    • ‘They both went for a 50-50 ball, at which point Thierry decided a bit of "afters" was the order of the day.’
    • ‘They were then lectured for 'afters' as the United man prevented a Corden cross as both players slid in.’
    • ‘The ref has a word with him for engaging in a bit of afters.’
    • ‘It was straight, forthright and honest, and, once the situation was resolved, there were no afters, no grudges and no problem.’
    conflict, clash, brush, fight, battle, contest, encounter, head-to-head, face-off, engagement, tangle, skirmish, collision, meeting, duel, incident, high noon